2-Component Filling Machines

For liquid, highly viscous, abrasive, flammable and (highly) reactive products
For chemical-technical, dental, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products
Various high-accuracy volumetric dosing and filling nozzle-systems
Fumigation before and after filling
For all mix ratios
For all cartridge types (e.g. SbS, Coaxial, u-TAH, syringes)
For all piston types (with or without vents) as well as piston setting under vacuum
vision-assisted piston sorting in combination with vibrating bowl feeders or vertical conveyors
100% control of piston positioning and automated selection according to different criteria
Fast, servo-automated, almost tool-free format change
Easy, tool-free disassembly, cleaning and reassembly of the dosing systems
Fully automated machines with fill-capacities of up to 30 cartridges per minute
Small, space saving, Semi-automatic machines for small batch filling ; ideal for 1-person operation
Remote maintenance, as a standard
Production data acquisition, as a standard
Possible operating data analyses
Choice of desired operating systems (Siemens, Allen, Bradley, ect.)
Customized ‘unique’ solutions are possible