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We have customized and standard solutions to any special machinery construction needs.

HSV GmbH is an innovative machine construction corporation that is a global leader in handling, packaging and filling materials with ranging viscosities and chemical reactivity. Manufacturers of medical and dental products, as well as the food, adhesives, and sealant industry rely on the extensive experience of HSV. We offer standard solutions as well as customized machine solutions for one and two component packaging systems. As general contractors, we undertake the design, development, and project management of complete filling systems. Beyond filling and sealing these systems, we can provide solutions for assembly, packaging, labeling and palletizing of goods.

Unique attributes that set us apart from other filling-machine manufacturers:

Via our sister company, Lohnpack GmbH, we have extensive knowledge and experience in material-filling and packaging.
We offer in-house trial fillings of your products (Lohnpack GmbH).
We are pioneers in the use of state of the art technologies such as servo, vision and robot systems for special-purpose machinery design and construction.
We continuously optimize our base models for the highest standards.
Utilizing X-ray technology enables the optimization of software settings and machine part design.
As a service standard, we provide remote maintenance service and software for the analyses of production-data.

We are leaders in the realm of fill-technology

HSV was founded in 1999 based on the realization that packaging and filling materials, in conjunction with filling and packaging processes, must be considered in their entirety.


With the branching out from Lohnpack GmbH, the founding members focused the attention of the newly found company on special challenges, innovative applications, and international presence. This quickly grabbed the attention of medical, dental, chemical, electrical, and aerospace industries in need of highly specialized and customized filling processes which lead to our first joint projects.

Customized Filling Processes – economical and efficient

Our extensive experience, decisive and competent team, and modern office and production facilities allow us to meet any for your special machinery construction needs. Whether it’s about the millimeter precise dosing system or the air-free filling of highly viscous, moisture-reactive, polyurethane into 200L lined hermetic drums with fumigation potential — we can solve any of your problems, big or small.


Our competence in terms of time management is a major factor in the recommendation of HSV GmbH by leading packaging material manufacturers. Our characteristic reliability in terms of project completion and adherence to delivery dates, as well as a high level of efficiency through meticulously scheduled project plans, accentuate us from other special machine constructors.